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hello my artistic name is KATRINA, in this room you will find what you most want as long as you are polite and contribute.

i don't like those who ask and ask and ask and ask without contributing anything (I'm working, you don't go to your job to do it for free, do you) :)

if you treat me well, you are polite and there is feeling we can get to have a friendship NOT ANYTHING ELSE .. I DO NOT MAKE REAL

sometimes i am rebellious be patient with me xD

if you want to get to know me better i wait for you in my room :D

I DO NOT see cameras eXCEPTthe private ones

I don't have a schedule, I only connect when I feel like messing up

  • those who are rude, ask without giving coins or are intense will be BLOCKED, bye I say to you

________________________________✨ Frequently asked questions.✨_____________________________________________

where are you from ? i am from venezolana, but I live in cabbage

do you cum in spurt ? of course I do! it's been 3 Squirts in a row

do you like to fuck my ass? not much, it depends on the situation!

do you cum with a partner? yes, with a friend only, only in exclusive shows in advance

do you do real ? no, it's not even in my thoughts

why do you broadcast? i love to be watched and to be heated, to talk and to touch me, it's a unique experience.

do you do shows on other platforms? yes, but I can only give you that information through instgrm, send me a DM.

Interested In:Women, Couples, Men