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*Meaning of life:

everything that the light of the sun touches is our empire ... meaning of life ? idk protect the earth and live in perfect harmony one with another ! I really dont know ! Still changing thoughts about it.

*Five Things I Can't Live Without:

My Phone , My Laptop , My Dildo, My Familly , My Friends.

*Favorite Books:

I don't have much time to read now, but when I do, I like ''true life story'', and of course the romantic ones :D

*What I Like To Do For Fun:

dancing, sex, flirting...

*Favorite Songs:

I love music..i think all kind off music..it depends my mod ..

*Favorite Movies:

based by true story, romantics movie, and good comedy to lol until I cry.. lool

*Craziest Thing I've Ever Done:

sex in the bath pool, in the plane..

*If I Could Be Anywhere Right Now:

All over the world trying to find that one place to visit twice !


music, dancing, party .. and now I discovered I love to go to weddings.. who knows maybe soon ill make my own.. :wink


*Perfect Mate:

a real man.. who makes me lol, who takes care of me and love me just how I am ..and a bad but sensible man... are u the man?

*Perfect Date:

nice music, a glass of whine, and then all night of wild sex


*Best Reason to Get to Know Me:

The best reason is me , my personality , the things we can talk about, the time runing fast when we are together, what can i say ? it could be way to awkward to say the usual "find out" btw. im the perfect women : - a great house keeper - a sweet lady in society - and a real slut in bed lol !!


*Turn Ons/Offs:

My head is full of many sexual fantasies. Come to my private room and make them comes true together; Ever dreamed about a girl who cares about what YOU get from the performance? Lovely, friendly, available for most of things you like? However, please understand I am a soft girl and need to be treated the same way./ turn offs rude people.

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