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Hi, I'm Tina, a naughty but tender and passionate girl who loves to enjoy a nice meal, drink something from time to time (drive me a little crazy), read and go out dancing. Sometimes I'm not home alone, which increases my adrenaline for being discovered while you make me squirt with pleasure

*Before you ask and demand endlessly make sure you: Be a wonderful, respectful gentleman who values my time, my body and my dedication and wants more than anything else to make me feel special and wants to see me squirt with his chips|

Give me as much pleasure as you can, make me feel desired|

*Sometimes we'll laugh and other times we'll wet the cam

*Let's be Tina for everyone and everyone for Tina

*Don't let me get bored :-p

*I like suspense

*I also like to chat, listen and give bad advice :-D

*I want to learn other languages, travel and start my own business (I hope you will be part of my process with your support)

* Don't forget to follow me and contribute to my cam if you want fun.Please don't ask me to lower my levels of toys or my show.Attention will always be rewarded.Kisses

love Tina.

Languages:English, Chinese
Interested In:Women, Couples, Men