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  • Buenos Aires, Argentina
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I am a Milf Argentinavery sensual, morbid, insatiable andof infinite orgasms.

I am a woman with a life, family, a profession and in free time I come here to enjoy a fun and pleasant time, talk (although lately the dialogue is conspicuous by its absence), laugh, play, I love the insinuation ...

  • From me you will receive what you give; If you greet I greet you, if you make me enjoy you will enjoy with me, if you respect me I will respect you, if you make me feel comfortable and let me flow everything can happen.
  • Do not ask if you do not give, NOTHING IS FREE IN LIFE.Participate if you want to play, for this you need 2 or more, for voyeurs there are enough...

  • In SEX I have no end, if you want to check, for me delighted.
  • I love to laugh, chat, play and sex, and the more the better, so if you like the morbid, sensuality, innuendo and seduction, welcome, this is your room.

  • Gender:Girls
    Languages:English, Spanish
    Interested In:Women, Couples, Men