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Other names: SweetRoxxy

About camgirl

Find and follow me on Twitter @Roxxy_Sweet to keep in touch and find out more things about my life when I am not broadcasting :)
There is not much to know about me.
I am stubborn, complicated and pretty much this it is. Wow, apparently I am not so complicated as i thought :))
A few questions and answers before you come to my room and ask for all kind of bullshit.

Q: What is your name?
A: For everybody here I am Roxxy. I like being called Roxxy, most of my friends call me like this, so there is no point in being called otherwise.
Q: How old are you?
A: You can see this on my information as well, but just to clarify, I am 26 years old.
Q: Do you have a boyfriend?
A: If I learned one thing here, is to keep your personal life private. This should not matter to you, guys. All you should know, is that when I am here, I am all yours.
Q: What do you like about sex?
A: Well, I like sex of course, I am human, however I do have my limits and I am very old school regarding this subject.
Q: Why did you choose Stripchat?
A: This is actually simple. Here I found users that during the years became my best friends. After 4 years of experience in this field, I can say I met the greatest people here, that helped me unconditionally.
Q: Why did you choose to become a cam model?
A: Sometimes life gives you no alternative, I did not want in the beginning, I admit I was scared, but DAMN, I am glad that I chose this.
Q: What do you like the most about this job?
A: Everything, from spending time with my friends, receiving tokens to dancing like crazy, talking about stupid things, singing. I find this job empowering, and now nobody can make me change my opinion about this. It made me go from the shy woman that I used to be to the strong woman that I am today and I regret nothing.
Q: What you dislike about your job?
A: Not many things really. I've been here long enough to not let any bad comment hurt me anymore. I just take things as they come, without complaining too much.
Q: What do you do in your shows?
A: Here I may leave most of you disappointed, but what I do I cannot really call a Show. I may get topless, I may talk about sexual things, I may drink with you but this is where everything ends. Yes, I do know most of the girls perform all kind of Shows and yes, I used to be one of them. I do not do this anymore, because I know that seeing a girl masturbating although may be one important aspect for you as a man, it is still not the most important one.
-Talk or not, this is your choice, but if you prefer the first one try to be as respectful as possible.
-I do talk with everybody Gold or Grey as long as that person has something interesting to say. If you see that I ignore you, then most probably you killed the conversation before even starting.
-Tip or not, again this is your choice. Although I enjoy receiving tips ( and they make my broadcasting time better) I will not beg you to tip me. I cannot do this, you are not a walking wallet and definitely you are not made of money. However, if you enjoy and your desire it is to tip, it will always be highly appreciated.
-Enjoy with me. I come online pretty rare, mostly once a week so enjoy. Seeing you by my side with nice words, jokes or tips, will make me feel better and appreciated as well.
-Stupid requests. Like i said I've seen everything. It will not affect me at all, it will just get you banned.
-Talking bad about other models and users. I will not even react, you will get banned.
-Do not tell me what to do. NEVER! I mean for me this is a NO NO, and most of the times I will do the contrary of what you say.
- "Don't smoke, don't drink"- Do not even mention. My body, my health and even if you care for me please rest assured that I am completely healthy and that I do my checks in time.
I work mostly Friday nights or Saturday nights 11: 30 PM GMT+3
If I am not online these days, most probably I have fun somewhere :))) Most of the times I will announce if i will not be on.
All the performers from this website are humans as well as the users.
Before actually commenting something, please make sure you acknowledge this.
Judgemental behavior it is strictly forbidden. Although most of us think differently, I do not accept people judging me or my work because at the end of the day if you created an account here, you are not better then any of us, but you can always be worse.
If you want to get to know me better, you are always welcome in my room, we are in a constant search for good people, funny people to actually spend time with and make our team grow.

Languages:English, Spanish, French, Romanian
Country:United States
Body Type:Curvy