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I have many hobbies such as assembling lego, collecting rare marvel cards, as well as figures from the universe of marvel and DC, I love the ruby cube, my personal record of 40 seconds, yes I know it is a lot when compared to the guys who do it professionally, but I am proud of myself ahah.

On weekends I spend time in sports, going to the swimming pool, gym or riding a bike. Talents - my main job is to do professional manicure and pedicure. I have had many internships and reached a very good level of mastery of this skill, in my portfolio a lot of beautiful and complex works. so I believe that I have talent in this field.

Withoud music I would not be able to live and one day, for me it is a charge of positive and energy for the whole day, so my morning begins not with coffee lol.

Body Type:Thin