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Country:United States
Body Type:Curvy

About cam model

Hello Y'all! I'm Anita the Goddess of Kink!

I have been a Web Cam Performer for 6 plus yrs now and love it. Since becoming a Cam Performer I have learned how to take "Big" toys, do Anal (along with Atm), and Big, Huge, Long Squirts! I do so much hot, fun sexual shit that it bewildered me! Like.DAMN I DO THAT? OK, OK where was I again?, Oh yeah, I'm a outgoing, laid back but truthful talker. I engage in convo like no other but.

just like anyone else in this business, I will express my disappointments when I get TROLLS AND RUDE people in my room. My BLOCK finger is soooooooooo Strong! Queens don't fuck around with peasants, "OFF WITH THEIR HEADS" is my approach to those types of issues! But overall, I'm my SEXY, EBONY MATURE SELF and I adore being ME and YOU WILL TOO. Just come into my room and see for yourselves!

Welcome to the Bad Bitch Only Club! Let's get it on! Here I have laid out some of the FREAKY ASS SHIT I do in Privates.

*DP (One in Pussy and One in Ass Only)
*Ass Worship
*Feet Worship
*Pantie Worship
*Big Toys
*Creampie (Squirting Dildo's)
*Stocking Fetish
*Sissification Training and Play
*Sloppy BJ
*Mutual Masturbation
*Dirty Talk
*And much more! I love to explore new fuckery so talk to me and let's try it together (Only allowed Sexual Acts Permitted)

Now.What do you say about this?