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About cam model

I'm Nyan, erotic webcam and fetish seller since 2011.I'm from Andalucia but I live in Italy.

I do erotica and fetish, I also offer photos (I have more than 1000), videos and sexting.

Idon't do porn, which means that I don't masturbate on cam and I don't show my pussy (pubis yes, lips no). I do show my breast.

Idon't show my face, only my mouth.

Idon't meet in person for anything and I don't work for free.

The challenges are always made in private, that is to say, it enters to see who has contributed. For each 1000 coins you will be able to make me a request.

I accept private, suggestions and requests as long as my rules are respected.

In the room:

  • Say hello, be polite and respectfulpolite and respectful.
  • Do not give me orders.
  • Don't ask for things I don't do.
  • Don't spam

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Languages:Spanish, Italian
Interested In:Men