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Hello everyone.
I will tell you something about myself. I'm an extremely hot bbw girl! I like to discover
new things, I like to make new friends and have fun, I am a very very bad girl.
Come to my room and I will show you the great things I can do to make you feel
incredible, get comfortable and enjoy my brodcasting!

many kisses NATHY️️️ ️️️

️️RULES ️️

●Cuts and respect please
●Be nice and enjoy
●No adverising promoting or sharing of personal information
●No negative talk about other cammers or me
●No spam
●Forbidden other models in my room
●Peolpe that are rude or disrespectful
●Always say hello or hi
●Always be happy in my room
●Please be nice and funny to Ward everyone in my room
●no demands
●dont promotionate others rooms please


Languages:Spanish, French, English
Body Type:Large

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