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Natasa short for Anastasia, I am very sensual and sexual.

I like to play in my room, dance and seduce.

I like that you make me imagine situations, that you make me wet my panties as I like.

I want us to have a good time, with respect and a lot of morbid.

In normal private I do NOT do anything explicit since the video is public, it does not seem logical to me that one pays for all.

Ido NOT like that you come in asking without greeting, I am not a machine.

Ido NOT tell anything personal about my life, my life is mine, and yours is yours. If you recognize me, I hope you are a smart guy, with head and educated.

Ido NOT show my face in public or in private, neither do I do "real".

Ido NOT enter rooms while I broadcast out of respect for other users who are in mine, so please don't ask me!

I hate endless silences, it makes me bored and I end up leaving the room.

Ido NOT change levels unless I change it when I feel like it, playing games etc. If you play I play.

If you play I play. If you provoke me I provoke you. And if you make me cum... I'm sure you will cum with me.

Ido NOT like pushy people asking or in any way, and don't startle me, I am NOT a sex toy.

IT IS TOTALLY FORBIDDEN: to post, upload, publish, transmit or make available in any way the content of this page, including the images and videos of the profile. As well as, g r a b a r videos of the shows I do, both in public, private or exclusive. All content, which is my property, and failing that, is in any type of platform hosted, will be reported to the competent authorities.

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