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  • Erongo Region, Namibia
  • Erongo Region, Namibia
  • Spanish

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hello! good morning/afternoon/evening. if at any time you find me in a private challenge that does not allow you to enter, it is possible that the challenge is about to end and I have closed the contributions. sorry for the inconvenience....

another thing, I do NOT show my face.


for any kind of flash or short request is available exclusive private (if they are long private preferably talk before doing so)

-Exclusive private at 3k a minute WITHOUT audio and WITHOUT anal!!!!

-Exclusive private at 6k a minute WITH audio and WITH anal!!!!

-Traditional group handjob 10k (only when you have challenges alluding to handjobs)

-Sodomized group handjob 20k (only if my anus allows it)

-Group handjob with anal and group audio 50k (only available when god allows it )

More about ME

Name: Amanda

City: Tierras rosas

Age: 27 years, 11 months and 12 days old

Height: Tall enough to take a glass from the cupboard (with a 20 cms stool)

Favorite color: Brown

Favorite animal: I like birds

Favorite fruit: Pineapple

Favorite food: Spaghetti with mayonnaise and tuna, I also like vegetables

Extra: If someone asks them about me, they haven't seen me and don't know me, thank you.

(I like flowers)

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Interested In:Women, Men, Trans