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  • Bogota D.C., Colombia
  • Bogota D.C., Colombia
  • English, Spanish
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Hi guys, welcome to my room.

I'm from Colombia and I want us to have a good time in this room, as many of you already know, here you can enjoy a lot, I just ask you to be very respectful with everyone in the room and with me too, I promise that if you come with good vibes we will have a good time!


  1. Respect the show I'm doing and the participants, (don't insist that I do something if you see me busy) wait your turn or ask for it in the tip menu.
  2. I do not make real or give my personal data.
  3. Anal only in (exclusive after 10 minutes unless you request it in the tip menu).
  4. I don't change lush controls so don't insist.
  5. Lush control in exclusive (additional 3000mil coins).
  6. I don't change prices of private chats or private exclusive.
  7. I don't do dirty things.
  8. I don't do golden shower.
  9. I will not write by private messages (unless it is for a special show).

that's all for now, I hope you respect my room and enjoy, thanks for making it this far. ♥

Languages:English, Spanish
Interested In:Women, Couples, Men