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I am naturally flirty, loving, sensitive and kind, and I enjoy being intimate sexually and non-sexually. I’m known for being a bit of a spoilt brat, but under the surface I’m intimate, affectionate and selfless. Get to know both sides of me, they are equally fun!
Please tip if you enjoy my shows or if I have put a smile on your face. It's always nice to return the smile! If you really can't tip please participate in conversation and supporting those that do.
A big wall of clapping and cheer for tippers is always something that puts a smile on my face.
To those of you that do tip please know how grateful I am that you make it possible for us to have this wonderful experience and time together.
I hope you enjoy the relaxed vibe in my room! Pull up a keyboard, kick off your shoes (and pants! lol) and relax. This room is where I come to take a break from thinking about all of life's stresses. I hope that you can find the same peace here that I do. The key to taking a break from your stresses may just be the right distraction, wink wink! :)

Languages:English, Spanish
Body Type:Aver