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While I am straight I welcome anyone to my room, standard rules of be respectful or get banned apply as always.

I'm an all around nerd, Video Games, Anime, Fantasy, Sci Fi, Comic Books, Regular Books, Glasses, Excel, both Stars Trek and Wars.

420 Friendly

When it comes to music I listen to all different types of music, I know everyone says that and everyone is full of shit and only listens to about 2 or 3 different genres. I don't listen to everything but I listen to anything I think is good regardless of genre, from conscious hip hop to traditional Korean fusion music. If you want to suggest music for me to listen to know that i am a big fan of wordplay and when it comes to hip hop I'm about lyrics over beats.

Wrapping this up for now: Im not sure what I am doing here yet, this is kind of an experiment for me. I have agoraphobia and other issues that make me really self conscious, I am trying to see if being on here will possibly provide me with a safe format for me to work through some of this, so I thank you for participating in my free therapy. Depending on how this goes I might try to make this a regular thing but I do have a day job so I'm not sure what my schedule would end up being like, I have a few ideas of what I'd like to do with my time on cam but I'm open to suggestions.

PS- If you stop into my room please say hello and make conversation with me. It makes my day to get to talk to people

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