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  • Bogota D.C., Colombia
  • Bogota D.C., Colombia
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hELLO! My name is Magda, I am from Bucaramanga Colombia, I love my country, I love my land, I am a fun, outgoing and sensual person, I love to recharge myself with positive people, I believe in energies and good vibes, I am a free being which is very important to me, I enjoy the wonderful things that the world offers us, like nature, animals and everything that is part of the east. Webcam modeling has been a unique and incredible experience that has given me the opportunity to meet wonderful people with whom I can share my whole being, give and receive what we never thought. Thanks for being here, for sharing with me and wanting to be part of this crazy universe. "Sharing this love is madness"

Languages:English, Spanish, Italian
Interested In:Women, Couples, Men, Trans