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Hello! Welcome to my Room! ☺️

My name is Lola ❤️

I like going out with friends, cooking, listening to music and getting lost in new places. I love sports, being outdoors, reading while sitting in the sun...

In my room, my favorite user is the one who talks, the one who participates. I'm curious and chatty, and that's what I look for in others.

It turns me on a lot when they talk about their experiences😈 Let them tell me in detail what they would like to do with me

There are no limits in the mind😜

You are going to see me always singing, dancing and making you feel comfortable.

The rest, find out for yourself.

⚠️ Room Rules ⚠️

👋🏼 Say hello when you enter, I'm just like you 👋🏼

🤗 Be attentive to others 🤗

🤨 No aggressions will be allowed🤨


❤️ LGBTQ+ Friendly room. Only open-minded people here 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️

⚠️ Don't insist on knowing my location ⚠️

💵If you contribute, you can make requests 💵

😀 And if you can't contribute, join the chatter, talking is free 😀

🔥 In the Private Exclusive, you can manage me Lush as you wish🔥

🚫 Don't insist on a request you were denied (It's Not No)🚫

☝🏼 In Amateurtv are NOT allowed SCATOLOGICAL requests ☝🏼

💌BDSM, sissy triaining and findom.Pets.Role Play by DM only 💌


To persons or institutions using this site for studies, projects or hobbies of any kind, I inform you that you do not have my consent to use or reproduce or photograph my profile, nor my ads, nor my images, nor my videos in any form, chat or the like without my permission, both now and in the future.Your failure to do so will be considered a serious breach of privacy and will be subject to legal consequences.

Languages:English, Spanish
Interested In:Men