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Let me tell you a few words about myself. My name is NICOL, but you can just call me Niky . My best qualities are patience and creativity, but sometimes I can be lazy. What about my character, I am a kind person.

Goofy, laid back, weirdddddddd .. Emotional, Overly happy sometimes..sometimes im sassy and sometime im sad...

I try my best to be positive but I sometimes let my feelings out ! ^_^ hopefully you guys can except all of me lol

My job is to identify your needs. Given your preferences, we can easily negotiate. I want to make it comfortable and fun for us. I would love to get emotionally closer first. I don't wanna pretend, I wanna get truly hot. And you? I also love laying out in the sun and soaking up some rays! I have a very kind heart and I enjoy helping others. There is enough hate in the world as it is so lets all LOVE each other and get along! Help me reach my goals  of owning my own house! 

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