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About model

Hey ! My name Jasmin , I am 21 yo. and
i also glad to meet .
Welcome =)

I am not a student, I do not have children, and I'm not married (at the moment) .

about me
I live with a cat, I sleep with teddy bears, go to the gym and sometimes meet with friends on weekends.

Before work here, I was a professional dancer for 10 years! Soooo .. maybe you already noticed visiting my room that I really like to dance. I'm very sensitive, and know how properly to tease a man sexually, remaining be hot but dressed !

"What excites me, this is what I feel and what I see, and not some words."

I do not do porn in a Free Chat !!!
( Please! Do not ask me, FREE flash and show. )

I'm not a typical "CUM-Girl", or as men like to say "CUM DOLL"! Hmm, why ??
Because I live in the real world, like you, and I have emotions and moods. Anddd sex IS and Will for me intimate for two people:)
I have my own fantasies and fun, and I do not want to give them to hundreds of men just for masturbation !!!!
Do you want to have fun with me? Let's go to private!!! I like men who talk about fun and want to do this with me! Such men know where they are and what they want!

I never liked it, strange fetishes, pictures of naked men, stupid questions and demands of something impossible. I understand that every person has his own erotic imagination, but if I do not care, I will never do it!

Tips Menu :
( I used to have a "Tips Menu" but I removed it . )

- When you are asked to do something at any time or any moment, you feels likea command you cannot refuse???

( at times i do not feel in the mood to 'show my tits' or 'sexy striptease' which takes the essence of pleasure away )

- If i want to tease, dance, strip etc, i will not do it depending on the you tips ! I want to have real fun with real emotions when we want it together !!!

If we talk about Tokens , I can give a hint, my favorite numbers is an 7 :D
( BTW am already have my own 7777 *)
Also I like round numbers .
We all have favorite numbers and I know that most men use their favorite numbers for tips .
So , I want to give you this opportunity ...let's see what will happen next :D

So... We are all different and our desires also on this let's find understanding and respect for each other not only to me but also to the other visitors of my room.

Lush Level:
Low : 1-19TK (2 sec) , 20-49TK (4 sec)
Medium: 50-100Tk (7sec) , 101-300Tk (10sec)
High: 301-500Tk (15sec) , 501-1000 Tk (25sec)
Ultra High: 1001 + (60sec)

I know where I am, do not write to me and not remind me of this, I do not need to undress just because most of the models are bare. I have my own opinion, I do not want to move like a herd.

Thank ;)

Body Type:Athletic

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