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Other names: EvelynSecret, IvettaShine

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I`m a hot and horny woman ready to make your dreams reality
Life is too short to spend it on diets, greedy men and bad mood.
I'll tell you a little about myself. I'm not gonna complain about my life being hard. But easy, it can not be called. Perhaps all, as have many other people.
When not became my parents the only expensive man in my life became my child. For many years I lived by his interests. Now my child has grown up and has an interesting life. In the beginning I really missed about him. Then I realized how much I have free time. I am a very open, simple, cheerful and emotional person. I like to meet new people, especially if they are men. Not because I'm windy. And because it's easier for me to establish contacts with men. Then I decided to register here. Honestly I confess, was very frightening. But many of you supported me then. And I'm very grateful for that. Now I am very pleased that I am here with you. Sometimes I even miss being here. I like all my regular viewers. And to see new names in my room me, too, very pleased. Offline tips from the most generous men give me a " soulful orgasm")
I may not have a very good memory, but I remember all those who leave tokens for me. And those who comes simply watch I, too, remember. Such men make me not a very good feeling. I love to enjoy life. Let it be sex, simple communication, buying panties or cars, delicious food. I am sure that a real gentleman feels better if he knows that he gave a woman pleasure not only in sex.When he knows that the well-being of a woman and his merit. When I'm online, I like to take care of someone who cares about me. I am extremely generous and thoughtful with people who support me and they will have all my attention and priority in my online and offline time. When you first visit my room, I'll give you a nice welcome, but that doesn't mean I'm stalking you with fake flirting. Yeah, I like flirting. If I'm doing this, believe me, it's sincere. I don't like to fake things. I believe that feelings and relationships are built at a time when we are together. I always pay attention to the list of my viewers, I like it when I see regular names there. But I'm really sad if you're the one who visits my show only in your spare time, just to get a free show without even saying Hello or participating when I know it's possible, it's like slapping, so don't expect much of my attention. You know, your love is so insincere. Over time, you bring fewer and fewer tokens, leaving them to other girls. So don't ask me for eternal love. I love you just as much as you bring me tokens. As long as there's only one person who's worthy of my sincere feelings. The one who needs me and happy and sad, his name is Bryan.
What do I love? Sea, starry sky, far and long drive, sparks fire in the dark. good massage, expensive linen and wine, cats and horses,walk barefoot in the rain and catch snowflakes on your face, gifts and generous men. I like to obey the clever. generous and caring man.Don't like lies, heat and cold, envy and greed, tight shoes, obsessive, and stupid people.
I want 7777 tokens at once and every day))))
Tits 17, open ass 33, finger in pussy 27, finger in the ass 31, slap on the ass 21, change of image 333, Blowjob Dildo 37, Dildo in pussy 67, Dildo-hand pussy 177, anal 277, caressing the penis with their feet 23, Strip 77 tokens naked in the stream 777, Lovense management 3 minutes 271 (5 minutes 317),caress the nipples 24, to caress nipples tongue 38, to suck the toes 44, to give a day of recreation 7777, bdsm nipple clamps 41, clamps on pussy and Clit 47, plug urethral 377. if like me 67, undress 77 tokens,naked in the broadcast 777,The magic word is 170, sex machine 10 minutes 1577.
The magic word is 170 tokens. I'll write it to you in private messages. It works week. When you come to me, you call it a word and once a day I do for you everything you say)

Languages:English, Russian
Body Type:Aver