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I'm a Gypsy.I love to dance,have fun and have bright,hot sex.I've been married for 35 years,but now I'm a widow and I don't really have a male lover.And I'm in financial trouble.That's why I work on this site.Without love and sex life loses its meaning!I also like to cook national dishes,I love my apartment and my house in the country.I have a garden with many flowers and I grow grapes.I want to learn how to make my own wine.I love driving.I have Renault Logan.It's a simple machine,but I like it!Still I love movies,because I received higher education in Institute cinematography Russia,in VGIK.I love Italian neorealism,the films of Rossellini,Fellini,Antonioni,Bertolucci and,of course,French cinema - Duvivier,Godard,Trufa!And, of course,the films of Bergman,Stelling and many other Directors.I am fond of Freud's psychoanalysis and Silvio Fanti's micropsychoanalysis.They help me to survive my grief and continue to enjoy life!Hope You won't let me get bored and leave

Languages:English, Russian
Country:Russian Federation
Body Type:Curvy