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hi guys !

I am a different type of model on here and always have been. It is impossible for me to be fake. Please know my orgasms are real and NEVER faked!! I love cumming and pleasuring myself for you and love watching you pleasure yourself for me.   Show me how I make you feel ;)~~~ I will not beg or ask for tips but I do love when you show me how much you enjoy me Free spirit with a wild heart

Please, say HI or HELLO when entering the room

✰ If you like what you see, please tip .

✰ Don’t make any requests without tipping

✰ Do not ask for extreme things ( pee /poo ...etc )

✰ Don't be a beggar

✰ Be kind and decent in my room do not be rude to me or my friends, if you do not like something

you just leave my room.

✰ Don t promote other models or talk about them in the room.

Interested In:Women, Couples, Men, Trans