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Known as: deathqueen900

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Just call me Mandy. Or Queen.
Just a big woman who have a wonderful husband who joins me and we both enjoy anime and video games. I'm quiet and he's weird and talkative. He's fit with a little chub (mainly from liquor), and a nice big dick. Don't be afraid to talk, we don't bite.
I don't like listing rules as they typically are common sense.
Always show respect to myself, my Husband, my knights, and to others in the room as well. I don't like bullshit happening in the chat. Be an ass, you will be banned, even if you're the one with tokens.
Requests are usually always for the listed cost I put up for the night, unless hubby says other wise.
I DON'T DO ANAL. Don't Even Like It. Don't Ask. Period.
No Spam.
Don't Irritate me
You get the idea, just respect what I say. If I say no it's a no.

Country:United States
Body Type:Large