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Hello, I'm Camila, Colombian living in Lloret del Mar.

If you are here is because you like the morbid, sensuality and how hot I am, I love that you imagine that you are touching me while you give me a lot of love, I am addicted to this sensation

If you enter my room say hello, if you do not have coins do not worry I like to chat, but do not ASK me for things without PROVIDING, it bothers me.


  • Camera NO ACTA for people WITHOUT IMAGINATION and without SENSE OF HUMOR.
  • In private chat I do NOT perform EXPLICIT show.
  • YES squirt
  • If you want my underwear, it's for sale.


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On my SUGARFANS I have HOT content. any questions on my social media.

PRIVACY CLAUSETo persons or institutions using this site for studies, projects or hobbies of any kind, I inform you that you do not have my consent to use or reproduce or photograph my profile, nor my ads, nor my images, nor my videos in any form, chat or similar without my permission, both now and in the future.Your failure to do so will be considered a serious breach of privacy and will be subject to legal consequences.

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