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hi i'm alice! only this is my new account, well what can i tell you? i'm a crazy girl who was born in Colombia but has delusions of spanish :v and sometimes the gringa thing gets in me but aha details xd

i'm 27 years old, gemini sign (june 1st) no kids and no partner because i like being single and i already have a peculiar way of being

i have a peculiar way of being that you might like, it all depends on how direct you like girls

my streams are usually from 7pm Spain time but I have days that I don't connect for some reason, it's normal I have my own life :v

i use lush most of the time but understand that it's also annoying down there so there are days that I don't use it

i'm flexible with requests but don't go overboard either, I only do anal and squirrt in private exclusive or unless it's hot in public chat and I come like the niagara

i'm not the typical model that will treat you like *hello love do you want this?¨ I just have fun and if we play with the lush super well, I also like the little gifts without asking for them joer

any little thing follow me on insta, picoss on the tip.

if you read everything tell me: ali and that testament of the bio that ome?

Languages:English, Spanish
Interested In:Couples, Men