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Looking to have a little fun during the night while my husband is asleep. I love talking and meeting new people! I can be a bit goofy and awkward but we can work through that... some people even like it (...Ppheonix ahem...lol) I am fairly open to alot and like to learn and even try out new kinks ;) I love hearing about others fetishes... Many people ask me why i am here and ask if I'm on here just for the tokens or for fun. The answer is both. I don't need the extras but I enjoy them! This has become an awesome adventure for me and I am kind of hooked! I never thought I would ever take my clothes off and do all sorts of dirty things to myself in front of multiple people let alone have an exchange of money haha I love my internet whoring! And thanks to you guys I've been opened up to a whole new world of sexuality !! Anyways enough blabbering haha
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